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Club Rules


1. Strictly no dropping of weights or reckless use of the equipment
2. Strictly NO group sessions of 3 or more people – Unless arranged with management
3. Only Approved Personal Trainers permitted to operate in the gym
4. Machines must be wiped down after use
5. No lifting chalk is permitted
6. All weights must be returned to their proper place after use
7. No ego lifting – If you cannot place the weight on the floor without dropping, it is too heavy
8. Sweat towel to be used while training


9. Training footwear must cover the whole foot – NO work boots, jandals or dirty shoes
10. Appropriate clean training clothes only – NO denim, or belts with buckles


11. No offensive language or aggressive behavior – Zero Tolerance
12. No food, chewing gum or open cups are permitted
13. No children are permitted inside the gym
14. Only gym approved Personal Trainers are permitted
15. No bags on the gym floor as this is a safety hazard – use the locker or cubicles provided
16. Portable speakers are not allowed
17. Please use deodorant


Any serious breach of the gym rules will result in a fine, asked to leave and/or their Platinum Fitness’s membership terminated without reimbursement.

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